Finding the best dessert shops in any place that I visit is definitely an ongoing goal that I have in my life. Recently, I came to visit my brother that works at a Rotherham student removals job in that town. During my stay there, I took the time to look for the best dessert shops in town, and boy was it an amazing experience. What I was really happy about was the fact that Rotherham had plenty of dessert shops to begin with. That got me so excited, and quite satisfied with my overall experience of course. 

That being said though, there are three dessert shops that really stood out for me during my stay in Rotherham. These dessert shops didn’t only serve some of the best tasting desserts I have ever tried, but also provide great quality services for their customers. So without wasting any more of our time, below are what I think are the best three dessert shops in Rotherham that dessert lovers should always check out. 


Pastures Moo 

photo0.jpg - Picture of Pastures Moo, Wath-upon-Dearne - Tripadvisor

Pastures Moo was the very first dessert shop that was recommended to me by my brother, and that’s because he said that it was a highly recommended dessert shop by many dessert lovers in Rotherham. So I checked it out first, and immediately got impressed by this shop. They have a wide assortment of amazing dessert treats, and the ones that I was able to try were very good. This shop even has non-dairy dessert items on their menu, in case you are someone that can’t eat anything with dairy products. Overall, I think Pastures Moo was a very lovely place to enjoy great tasting desserts, and I was very happy that it was the first one I actually tried.  


Heaven is Homemade 

Vintage Tea Room - Picture of Heaven is Homemade Vintage Tea Room, Todwick - Tripadvisor

Heaven is Homemade is another very lovely and relaxing place to enjoy great desserts, tea, and coffee. We had to come here one day because my brother wanted to enjoy something other than desserts when accompanying me with my search. This place does have an extensive menu of great tasting desserts too, and a delightful atmosphere that comes with it. The portions of their desserts was quite nice too, and that is always a plus for any dessert lover.  I’d say this is another very solid dessert shop here in Rotherham. 


The Sweet Escape Restaurant 

At one point during my stay in Rotherham, I found myself really carving for plenty of desserts. It was just one of those days when I felt like simply sitting down and eating as much dessert as I want. The Sweet Escape Restaurant was the place that won me over that day, and that’s because they have desserts in large portions. It was the perfect place to solve my cravings, and simply indulge in great tasting desserts. They have freshly made waffles here that tasted really great, and it’s no surprise why they were considered as a popular crowd pleaser. 

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There you have it, these are my thoughts on the best three dessert shops in Rotherham. I really enjoyed the dessert shop hopping that I did during my stay there. However, if I ever go back, then these three dessert shops will be the first places I visit, and that’s because they are just amazing. 


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