The many charms of Rotherham are often overlooked because of its proximity to the much larger Steel City of Sheffield. However, it’s now the largest town within the area and it’s now stepping into its own! Considering a move here? There’s certainly a lot of reasons to relocate to Rotherham. 


Let the team at Pro Removals Rotherham tell you a little about our lovely hometown. We’ve been working here for as long as we can remember, offering high-quality removals services, so we’re perfectly placed to act as tour guides. You can find Rotherham in the south of Yorkshire, surrounded by the beautiful Yorkshire countryside. It’s a 30-minute drive from the Peak District, so it combines the best of both worlds.

If you’re planning to move to Rotherham, you’ll enjoy easy access to Sheffield thanks to excellent transport connections. You can get there in just 15 minutes on the train! That’s why it has become such a desirable location for commuters. They can save money and enjoy a rural lifestyle by staying in Rotherham instead.

What if you want to go to London? It only takes a little over 2 hours to get there! You can also travel further afield by going to nearby Doncaster and Sheffield airport. Yes, Rotherham has excellent transport connections, but we don’t anticipate that you’ll want to leave! There are many amazing reasons to spend time here instead. 


If you’re planning to move to Rotherham to find a job, you’ll be happy to hear that the economy of Rotherham was the fastest growing in the north of the UK during 2018. It was Yorkshire’s fastest-growing economy in 2019 too. Why not move here and see what opportunities await you?


Hopefully, you’re now intrigued about the possibility of moving to Rotherham! Read on for more information about this great town and its many attractions.


Life in Rotherham


The history of Rotherham is interesting and it has had an impact on its culture to this day. Industries such as flour milling, glass making, and steel production have played their part in forming the town. It’s a monster town with many regeneration projects underway, so it can be seen as embodying the perfect balance between tradition and potential!

A convenient aspect of the town is that it’s so close to Sheffield and Leeds. It’s only 30 miles away from Sheffield and 30 miles away from Leeds. Transport links are excellent, so you can easily travel within the Yorkshire area or around the UK in general. You might choose to do that by train. If so, head to Rotherham Central train station!

You can also travel by bus. The bus interchange is served by First Bus and Stagecoach, meaning you can easily visit towns and villages nearby. If you prefer to drive, the M1 is only 10 minutes away. No matter where you’re going in the country, you can get there using the M18 and A630.


If you’re planning to live in Rotherham, you’ll be glad to hear that the town has a comparable crime rate to other similar neighbourhoods, and it remains lower than that of Sheffield, Doncaster, and the overall South Yorkshire area. This is why so many families and community-minded people choose to live there. 


Read on for more information about what it’s like to live in Rotherham. Remember, if you do decide to relocate here, then Pro Removals Rotherham offers affordable removals services.


Housing, Neighbourhood and Markets in Rotherham 


Some of the neighbourhoods that are considered especially desirable in Rotherham include Brinsworth, Whiston, Wickersley, Moorgate, Parkgate, Kimberworth, Greasbrough, or Broom Valley. Whether you’re planning to rent or buy a property here, you’ll find that prices vary depending on the part of the town you choose and the size of the property you need. 


Rotherham has become a desirable residential area. There are diverse housing options available, and excellent job opportunities consistently attract new people to the town. What kind of property are you looking for? Is it a Victorian home? A comfortable cottage? A modern conversion? You’ll soon see that Rotherham has it all. 


The most affluent part of the town is Sledgate Lane, where the most expensive properties are found. Don’t worry; there are plenty of more affordable options available! To rent here is much cheaper than living in Sheffield and first-time buyers that work in the city might consider Rotherham where they can get more for their money.


An important aspect of Rotherham culture is the two markets that take place there. Have you heard of Tuesday street market? You can find it in the centre of the town, right below the Rotherham Minster. At weekends, locals flock to this busy and vibrant event. Another market has both outdoor and indoor stalls, and you can visit this market every weekday.


Things are only set to improve in Rotherham since regeneration plans are currently underway. These ambitious plans are set to make shopping in Rotherham an even more enjoyable and varied experience.


Things to keep in mind when moving to Rotherham 170


There are other places to shop beyond the markets! In fact, Rotherham won a Great British High Street Award in the past. Independent clothing and homeware shops are available here, as are amazing delis and bakeries. You can also leave the town and visit Meadowhall or Sheffield city centre. 


If you’re looking for fun things to do with the kids, why not take them to Magna Science Adventure? There they can enjoy themselves and have fun. It provides a hands-on learning experience, so expect lots of interactivity and exciting experiences. All ages can have a good time there!


For cultural activities, check out Rotherham Civic Centre. It has a varied programme of theatre shows, live music, pantomimes, and comedy events. It’s an exciting time in Rotherham since the Forge Island development is currently underway. A cinema, a hotel, and a mall are just part of the plans, which are sure to attract visitors to Rotherham.


You won’t want to miss out on Rotherham’s historical attractions either. Wentworth Woodhouse is worth a visit, and the Roche Abbey ruins is an ancient monastery that has been made an English heritage site for its historical significance. 



How many hospitals are in Rotherham?

The main hospital in Rotherham is Rotherham Hospital, which has over 350 beds. There, you can access a vast range of services including medical, paediatric, obstetric, surgical, and gynaecological services. In addition, you can find intensive therapy and coronary care units and a breast screening suite. Beyond the hospital, there’s also a health centre in Rotherham. 


Nearest schools in Rotherham?

When you move to Rotherham with your family, you’ll find plenty of options for your children’s education. The town boasts an impressive 51 primary schools. There are also 16 secondary schools and 6 special schools. Flanderwell Primary School and St Alban’s CofE were rated by Ofsted as “outstanding,” as was Rotherham’s largest secondary school.


What is property pricing in Rotherham?

In the last year, properties in Rotherham sold for an overall average price of £173,119. The majority of those were semi-detached, and they sold for an average price of £155,440. Detached properties were sold for the more expensive price of £272,960. The cheapest options were terraced properties that fetched £109,310. 


Iconic places and parks in Rotherham?

If you want to spend the day at the park, head to Thrybergh County Park! You’ll find an outdoor play area there as well as a camping site and opportunities to participate in bird and wildlife watching. Boston Park is another option which was a large playground village, a picnic and a pavilion. Attractions in Rotherham include the science centre, Clifton Park Museum, and the transport museum.