Are you curious about what storage services consist of? Basically, customers can hire storage units from companies and keep their possessions there. What they choose to keep there is their business, although most storage solutions have their own rules about what can be contained in a unit.

People access storage services for a diverse range of reasons. You’ve probably experienced moments in your own life when you would have benefitted from additional space. Now you know about a great storage solution available in the Rotherham area. That’s right — the local area’s favourite removals service Pro Removals Rotherham has a storage service too!

If you’re currently looking for a storage service, you’ve found the ideal solution. With Pro Removals Rotherham, you can enjoy a high-quality storage solution alongside removals services. Both are provided at a surprisingly low price. You’ll benefit from a convenient service without having to pay a fortune.

Our customers approach us for many different reasons, but they all receive the same excellent standard of service. Whether you want to store many items or few, for a long period or a short one, you can count on us for professionalism and competitive prices. 

If you’ve never used a storage service before, let us explain how we can help you! Read on for more information about when storage services are used, what makes our storage service superior, and things you should know before you hire a storage unit. Whenever you want to discuss your storage needs, we are available!


When Do I Use Storage Services?

There are many moments in life when you could benefit from access to additional space. Customers approach our service with different motivations. Some of the most common reasons for requiring storage units include the following:


Moving home
It can be difficult to organise a move so that you transition seamlessly between places. Often, there’s a period in between. During this process, storage services can be used to keep possessions safe. Then, when the new place is ready, Pro Removals Rotherham can deliver your items to you. We make what could be a stressful process so much easier.



When you’re moving to a smaller place, deciding what to take and what to dump can be a real headache. Renting a storage space saves you from making any rash decisions you might regret later.


Staging a home

A cluttered house doesn’t look attractive to a prospective buyer. You can entice them by storing away your stuff, allowing them to imagine their future in your property.


Moving in with someone else
When two households combine, there’s often more stuff than there is space. If you rent a storage space, you can keep any surplus stuff there and still access it whenever you need it.


A child is moving out

Adult sons and daughters move out eventually, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they take all of their stuff with them! If you’ve been left with belongings you’re reluctant to ditch or donate, consider hiring a storage space and keeping them safe there.


Starting a business

Businesses also need storage space! One of our units is often a great solution for companies that need a place to keep their stock. This can help to make their business operations more efficient.


Why Do I Choose Pro Removals Rotherham for my Storage Service?


Customers have been coming to us for so many years for removals services. It didn’t surprise us that when we introduced storage solutions, those became extremely popular too! There are many reasons that people return to Pro Removals Rotherham whenever they need removals services of any kind or to rent a storage unit.

Here are just some of them:

We offer our services at affordable prices.
Some people assume that storage services would be out of their budget. They need to contact us for a quote first! Our storage units are offered at budget-friendly rates, so you can save some money by choosing us over our so-called competitors.

We are well-known, reputable, and experienced.
Leaving your belongings with a business should be taken seriously. You don’t want to entrust your possessions to any cowboy company. Customers appreciate that we are very established in our field, so they can enjoy peace of mind when they use our services.

Excellent customer service is one of our key values.
High-quality customer service doesn’t need to cost the earth. You can pay less and expect more when you hire Pro Removals Rotherham. We’re known for going the extra mile on behalf of our customers. Excellence consistently comes as standard with us.

Our service adapts to your needs.

Customers love that we have the experience, equipment, and knowledge to tailor our services to their needs. We can combine removals and storage to provide a smooth, comprehensive service, and our customers love the convenience this implies. 


Things to Keep in Mind When Renting a Storage Space:


Renting a storage space is easy, but you should keep the following things in mind.

It’s important to choose the right storage space provider. Check exactly what you’ll be offered for your money, and ensure that they have good reviews and a strong reputation before you entrust them with your property.

Storage space doesn’t need to be prohibitively expensive. If you accept the first quotation you’re offered from an unknown company, you may end up paying more than you should. Instead, stick to established companies that are trusted in the local area like Pro Removals Rotherham.

Most storage units have specific rules. You can keep most things in your unit without any problem, but there will probably be some basic restrictions you need to respect. These might refer to food products, for example, which could otherwise attract pests.

You should package your property appropriately before you put anything in storage spaces. Although storage spaces should protect your property from the elements, plastic packaging can help protect any furniture or other sensitive items from damp.  Need advice on how best to do this? We’re happy to help you!




How much does storage service cost?

The quickest way to find out how much your storage service will cost is to simply ask a provider for a quote. Compare what you’ll be offered and the standard of service alongside the price you’re given by each firm. This will make it easier to decide between different companies. 


Are my belongings insured at storage service?

Different companies offer different levels of insurance coverage. Their policies are likely to relate to specific items, though, so you should confirm directly with the storage space provider in question to see whether your possessions will be fully protected. Some people even take out insurance on their belongings in storage. 


How do I make sure my stuff at the storage service is safe?

You can protect your property by choosing the best possible company to store your item. Work with an established, trustworthy firm to guarantee your possessions will be taken care of. Another step you can take is to pack your items carefully so that they stay in great condition while they’re in storage.


How to choose the best storage space?

Most people think the best storage space is one that is dependable, well maintained, fairly priced, and easily accessible. Pro Removals Rotherham offers all of this and more. The fact that we combine our storage services with removals services means we’re well placed to offer additional convenience to our customers.