As a steak lover, being able to find excellent quality steakhouses, always puts a smile on my face. Before settling in Rotherham because of my Rotherham house removals job that I have now, I was able to travel around the country and taste plenty of steakhouses for a few years. You could say that those were some of the best memories in my life when it comes to food and the enjoyment that a foodie feels with such activities. 

If you ever find yourself in Rotherham and suddenly get a craving for steaks, then there are actually quite a few steakhouses in town that you can go for. However, if you really want the best steaks that the town has to offer, then there are three that I really recommend you try. With that in mind, below are some of my notes on the best three steakhouses in Rotherham today.


Beefeater Brecks 

The Brecks Beefeater - Picture of The Brecks Beefeater, Rotherham - Tripadvisor

Beefeater Brecks was the very first steakhouse in Rotherham that caught my attention, simply because of its name. This steakhouse has become quite popular throughout the years for their focus on always serving freshly prepared food. The steaks they serve are amazing, juicy, tasty, and cooked properly. Other than steaks, they do serve other types of grilled meat on their menu. No matter what day or time it is of the week, you can always rely on this place to serve great quality steaks. 


Double Barrel Steakhouse 

rotherham business news: News: Double Barrel steakhouse opens in Rotherham

Double Barrel Steakhouse is another great place in Rotherham that serves top quality steaks. They offer a wide selection of hand-cut steaks, all of which are made with prime quality beef. Their steaks are always tender, and just oozing with plenty of deliciousness. They have undergone some refurbishments recently, and that is definitely a plus because it has become an even cosier and more relaxing restaurant than before. Lastly, the place has dedicated toilets and access for disabled people, indoor play facilities for children, and is even pet friendly. 


Thirsty Flame 

For those that are looking to sink their teeth on aged steaks, then Thirsty Flame is really an excellent option. The restaurant takes pride on the fact that they serve 28 day aged steaks that are of great quality. Their aged steak menu is extensive, and that is why the restaurant is easily able to satisfy plenty of steak lovers in town. Other than that, their ingredients are sourced locally, and all the meals they serve are made in a fresh manner. My personal favourite in this steak house is their Gammon Steak. It is simply a dish that you just have to try for yourself, because it is quite difficult to express just how great it is in words. 

Bar - Picture of Thirsty Flame, Rotherham - Tripadvisor

For steak lovers that want the best quality steaks that Rotherham has to offer, then make sure that you check out the steakhouses mentioned here. These three are really at the top of their game, and steakhouses that have never disappointed steak lovers in town for a very long time. So with that said, hopefully you find yourself in these restaurants soon, and that’s so you can be on your way to tasting some really amazing steaks.  


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